What is it?


Submental fullness – a.k.a. chin fat / double chin / turkey neck – is an aesthetic condition that plagues more than half of Vancouverites. Where surgery was once the leading (and only) treatment to reduce submental fullness, injectable BELKYRA™ treatments are now available. Strategically mapping injections of deoxycolic acid, a fat-metabolizing agent found naturally in the body, BELKYRA™ treatments recontour the chin and jawline, improving your facial profile for good with just a handful of treatments.

How it works

A BELKYRA™ treatment begins by thoroughly mapping the treatment area. Next, the therapeutic treatment is gently and precisely eased into the targeted areas. Patients can expect a few days of social downtime: minor swelling, bruising and tenderness are to be expected. The treatment is repeated two to six times over the course of several months for optimal results. With each treatment, submental fullness will further reduce – permanently.